Model dashboard user interface overview

Dashboard overview in detail format
  • Split name
  • Experiment name
  • Number of iterations
  • Runtime
  • Best Loss (Train & Validation)
  • Problem - This is the type of model you want to use for the model building phase. It includes: Attribute prediction, Label class prediction, Object detection, Image tag prediction, Instance segmentation, Semantic segmentation.
  • Creation date
  • Created by - This helps to track which user is experimenting with a particular model.
  • Images - This value gives an idea of the number of images (Total, Train, Test, Validation) that were used for a particular set of experiments/model types.
  • Experiments - Total number of experiments a user has carried out for a model type.
  • Under Manage Experiments, you can check the number of experiments tested by the user using a particular model type.
  • Experiment status
Experiment options
  • Deploy and export - This will link the user to the Deploy and export page of Model Playground
  • See parameters - This will take the user inside the experiment section where the user can review the parameters used. (Read-only)
  • Change color - Allows users to change colors used in different widgets for a particular experiment.
  • Copy Experiment - Allows users to make a new experiment with all the same parameters from the experiment from which it is copied. Then, the user has the freedom to change some indivdual parameters in the new experiment.
  • Delete experiment

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