Creating a pro workspace

To create a new workspace, click the "Create new pro workspace" at the top of the projects view. This will take you to a modal where you can first select which plan you are interested in, and then fill in your billing and payment information. After this has been done, a new workspace will be created.

If you at any point leave the creation process, the workspace will still remain but will have the status of "unpaid". To activate the workspace, click on it and then you can finalize payment for it.

If you are unsure of what workspace to pick, check out our pricing page.

Migrating projects to the workspace

To move already existing projects into your new workspace, find the project you want to move on the projects page, click on the three dots and then select "Move to:". This will open up a new context menu where you can then pick which workspace to move your selected project to.

Please note that you can only move projects you are the owner of to a workspace, and that you need to have "create project" privileges for that workspace.

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