Here, you can upload annotations that you already have created in other annotation tools, or from other Hasty projects. To start, click the "New import" button. This will open the "Import" modal.

Here, you can give your import job a name. You can also check which formats are accepted on the right side - click the dropdown at the top and select which format you are interested in importing.

When done, click "Next".

On the next screen, you can upload files. Here, we have uploaded a JSON. After you've uploaded your files, click "Check files". This will parse your files and check that they can be imported. If your file(s) are compatible, you will see a summary of the number of labels/attributes/tags you are about to import. Double-check those numbers to make sure that you are not importing data you don't want into the project.

If everything looks right, click on "Next".

Are we not supporting a format important for you - or is the import failing when parsing and you struggle to figure out why? Email us at

On this final screen, you will see the summary of what you are about to import again. More importantly, you will be able to specify which status the images affected by the imported annotations should have.

You can also Remove existing labels from any image that has annotations added to it.

Click finalize to start the import.

You will now be able to see the progress of the import. Usually, it only takes a minute or two, but in cases where you are importing a lot of data, it might take longer.

There is a slight difference in the flow above if you import annotations in .png format. When importing PNG's, we don't know which class every annotation is. Therefore, you will be asked to match the colors on the PNG's with available classes. You can also choose to create new classes.

You can read more about which formats we support and how to format your files by going to Importing annotations.

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