CloudFactory's IT team has been creating internal documentation throughout the years. This documentation condenses the most relevant terms, tips, tricks, and techniques related to Computer Vision (CV) and Vision AI. This wealth of knowledge is the foundation for building the Computer Vision Wiki we use today.

Data scientists built this robust Wiki by revising, structuring, enhancing, and compiling comprehensive materials to solidify their understanding of the field.

CloudFactory's Computer Vision Wiki offers a comprehensive exploration of this exciting field, a subdomain of Machine Learning (ML). We understand the entire ML lifecycle at CloudFactory, and within that, we specialize in a variety of CV tasks trusted by our clients:

The Computer Vision Wiki goes beyond theory, focusing on the practical application of key concepts within core tasks like Image Classification, Object Detection, and more.  We aim to equip you with the knowledge you need to implement these concepts in your projects.

All terms contain a description, including a brief explanation, some context on applying the concept in practice, links for further theoretical understanding, and, if applicable, a code example for the implementation.

This combination of explanations, practical contexts, and code makes this Wiki a valuable resource for anyone who wants to apply Computer Vision to their work.

Check the Computer Vision Wiki overview to see what topics are already covered.

The CloudFactory Computer Vision Wiki will be helpful for:

  • Newbies who are at the very basic level in CV and looking for in-depth explanations and valuable resources for terms, concepts, and code they stumble across during their work;
  • Experts who want to refresh their knowledge on a specific topic or look to connect theory with real-life use cases.
  • Teams that discuss the same concepts but use different terms and are looking for ground truth for their terminology use.

While the Wiki offers a comprehensive overview, it assumes some prior knowledge of Computer Vision. For beginners, we recommend starting with the introductory CV lecture series by Joseph Redmon. Once you have grasped the fundamentals through the lectures, the Wiki will serve as a valuable resource for deeper exploration.

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